Upper Room Outreach Family Services

The Upper Room Family Center is a community-based facility that provides educational and support programs primarily for adults and families. The support programs offered will vary widely and can include the following:

  • Counseling: Counseling services may include clinical mental health counseling, marriage or other family counseling, and abuse counseling.

  • Employment support: These services include resume preparation assistance, job search assistance, and interviewing techniques.

  • Financial management: These services include training and counseling for basic personal and family financial management such as balancing a checkbook, managing credit, applying for loans, etc.

  • Community orientation: These services provide information on local community services and recreational opportunities.



Parent University

Here at Upper Room, we value our children as well as our parents and we know the key to successful development of the family is reaching and serving the entire family. This is the main reason Parent University was established here at Upper Room.

Research has shown parents can increase their child’s academic success through their involvement with schools and the community. This is way Parent University is a collaborative program here at Upper Room designed to greater support our children’s development process through partnerships with our parents and community.


With community partnership, Upper Room will offer free activities and workshops programs that will equip, encourage and empower our parents to raise children with the confidence they need for school and for life.

Upper Room Outreach