Upper Room Youth Center 2019

"Making Our Young People a Priority"


Upper Room Youth Center Coming 2019

The Upper Room Youth Center is designed to be social and recreational center intended primarily for use by children ages 11 to 18 years. In some cases, children as young as six years old will use the Youth Center, but usually only if special programs are in place to accommodate them. The Center will support opportunities for youth to develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship, and recognition. Our center will be equipped with a computer center, a workout room and a large kitchen area for cooking classes.

Upper Room Youth Center will offer organized instructional programs for physical activities such as dance, yoga, martial arts and for STEAM academic and arts programs with crafts, and theater. It will also offer opportunities for unstructured activities such as game playing, socializing, club meetings, and outdoor physical activities.

Upper Room Youth Center will serve as a dual purpose facility accommodating unstructured social interaction among different age groups and providing instructional classes all in a safe, supervised environment. 



Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Generation#Goals was designed to encourage and inspire youth ages 12-18 in the area of entrepreneurship and business education. We believe teaching entrepreneurship better prepares students for success in business and other future career and education endeavors. We love teaching and watching as young people transform their dreams and ideas into reality. Through entrepreneurship education, our young people can change the world. 



Generation#Goals Girls Leadership Camp

Upper Room Entrepreneur Camp is geared to students with a high level of interest in entrepreneurship who will be entering grades 7-9. Through fun games, activities, group projects, and a business simulation program, students learn business and marketing strategy, teamwork, and essential problem-solving and leadership skills. Every day is filled with interesting and challenging activities to help students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and creating a start-up business. Each student develops an idea for a business that he or she can start and on the final day pitch his or her idea in front a community of their peers for an opportunity to win cash prizes. Guest speakers and a field trip are included.


Upper Room Outreach